An Australian National Dealergroup had reached internal capacity and turnaround times had blown out to 3 weeks.

As a leading Big 4 National Dealergroup the need to support their internal paraplanning team became a priority in their pursuit to deliver timely, compliant quality Statement of Advices that were in line with their business rules.  It was imperative that the outsourced paraplanning support had the ability to align with their business rules and integrate with their systems.


NK Consultants developed an outsourced paraplanning model that quickly integrated with the client’s existing procedures and software.

An outsourced model was introduced and NK Consultants was successfully involved from the preliminary roll out phase.  NK Consultants developed a flexible model that could deliver support on a regular basis with the ability to increase volumes quickly when required.  The outsourced model presented a unified business process that integrated with their client’s internal systems and complied with their business rules.


Standard turnaround times were reduced to 5-7 working days and the quality Statement of Advices complied with their business rules.

NK Consultants commitment to deliver quality Statement of Advices, reducing turnaround time, in line with their client’s business rules has enabled the partnership to thrive.  The long term relationship with NK Consultants is a valued extension of their client’s general business practices.  The commitment from both parties has ensured that NK Consultants provides a service that can continually evolve to meet the client’s changing business demands and expectations.

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