One-man Band


With a growing business NK Consultants’ client no longer had enough time to produce Statement of Advices and sit face to face with his new and existing client base.

With his referral base and subsequent new client leads expanding the time required to service the new and existing client relationships increased. He no longer had the capacity to prepare the Statement of Advices but was not ready to commit to adding additional internal resources.


NK Consultants provided a process aligned with their client’s licensee expectations and streamlined the advice documentation process.

The service offering was developed by NK Consultants to allow flexibility on workflow demands with the goal to reduce the planner’s obligation to the advice documentation process.  NK Consultants developed a process that aligned the Statement of Advices with the licensee requirements.


NK Consultants’ client was able to direct his time to the core roles of providing advice and writing more business, including building and managing new and existing client relationship.

With more time to nurture his client relationships and deliver the advice he was able to manage the expansion of his client base.  NK Consultants freed the planner’s time to focus on the core roles of a financial planner and subsequently his business’s cashflow and client base increased.

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