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Your Guide to Finding the Best Financial Planner – Part 1

Professional financial advice needs to be a serious consideration when looking at buying a house, setting long-term financial goals, and considering investment options. Before you make the call, be sure to do your research and know what you’re dealing with. Think, what’s in it for them? Some financial advisers receive a commission based on recommending […]

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Get Rid of Debt and Stop the Phone Calls

Money is one of the leading causes for severe stress and anxiety throughout Australia, but sadly it is on the rise as debt becomes more prominent. Saving money or even just avoiding falling deeper into debt can be a real struggle, and it certainly doesn’t help having to deal with a persistent debt collector. So, how […]

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Crackdown Coming: Work-Related Tax Deductions

THE government is plotting a crackdown on “creative” accountants who inflate work-related personal tax deductions. It’s more important than ever to ensure your tax return is handled with the utmost care. We’ve all heard a few horror stories of companies outsourcing their finances or tax needs to dodgy third-parties… the consequences can be horrific. If you […]

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Make 2017 your most profitable year yet

Now the expensive Christmas/New Year period is over, it’s the perfect time to review your finances. It’s one of those tasks we all keep putting off – but the sooner you review your finances, the sooner you can stop fretting. To make your life easier, I’ve developed four easy steps to get your finances back on […]

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15 reasons to consider outsourcing your paraplanning needs.

Everyday we’re asked why should our business consider paraplanning? Ultimately outsourcing paraplanning with NK Consultants increases Productivity, Customer Loyalty, Quality & Overall Value to your Business. In today’s economic environment where competition is extremely fierce and where businesses are pushed to practically do anything to survive, it is only practical to opt for options which can […]

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Why Paraplanning Outsourcing is Recommended for Financial Advisers

Have you heard of the term Paraplanning? Any idea what it could mean? A new concept of the financial industry, Paraplanning focuses on the administrative tasks required for businesses. These administrative duties are usually handled by the financial planners. They also manage product research, asset allocation, fund selection, report writing etc. As financial planning is […]

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