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Dealergroups require professional, organised, low risk overflow support and an outsourced paraplanning offering that they are able to pass onto their planners and practices in a unified manner. Outsourced paraplanning is generally used to complement their existing support team on a regular basis.

NK Consultants’ extensive experience of partnering with large National Dealergroups has enabled us to refine a sophisticated service delivery to ensure that aligning to our clients business needs is efficient and effective. View This Case Study

Small to medium sized businesses

These businesses are generally licensed by a Dealergroup or manage their own independent licenses. They are often run by professionals who are specialists in the financial planning industry and are managing a book of clients as well as the management of the business with an internal support team. View This Case Study

Small to medium size Businesses
Expert Support

One-man band

NK Consultants work closely with planners who are building a book of clients who do not have internal support available. Perhaps, they have hit capacity and no longer have the time to manage their clients as well as preparing advices but are not ready to commit to employees.

NK Consultants will design a service offering freeing a planner’s time from the administration and document creation so that they can focus on managing new and existing clients relationships. View This Case Study

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