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Advice Request

Submit your Statement of Advice request and attach the required information via our secure portal or via email.

Advice Receipt

Confirmed within 24 hours by NK Consultants: paraplanner details and estimated plan submission date.

Strategy Confirmation

Your dedicated paraplanner will notify you of any queries or information required.

Plan Preparation

Your dedicated paraplanner will prepare your Statement of Advice.

Plan Submission

Delivered to you within 5-7 working days.

Statement of advice

Turnaround time

Low (single strategy)

5 days

Medium (2 simple strategies)

5 days

High (3 simple strategies)

5 - 7 days

Complex (up to 4 simple strategies or involves, multi-entity/scenarios)

5 - 7 days

Other Services

Insurance Quote

INC, Risk Researcher

Product Cost Comparison

Research / data collection

Time Critical

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