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Get Rid of Debt and Stop the Phone Calls

Money is one of the leading causes for severe stress and anxiety throughout Australia, but sadly it is on the rise as debt becomes more prominent. Saving money or even just avoiding falling deeper into debt can be a real struggle, and it certainly doesn’t help having to deal with a persistent debt collector. So, how […]

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15 Easy Tips to Stay Out of Debt

No one wants to fall into debt, but sadly this can be easier said than done. Luckily, there are plenty of steps you can take to avoid living in the red. Here are 15 smart spending habits, budgeting tips, and money-saving strategies that can help you stay out of debt. 1. Make shopping lists (& stick […]

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Australia’s household debt crisis worse than ever

Australian’s are struggling more than ever to keep up with their bill repayments and avoid becoming deeper in debt. David Taylor from ABC News discovered this first-hand when he visited the Australian headquarters of the National Debt Helpline, where calls have increased an average 20% per month from 2016.  It’s incredibly cliched, but in Australia right […]

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Go from debit to credit: 7 easy steps

You’re reading this because somewhere along the lines, you spent more than all of your money. You may have failed to control your impulses. Or maybe you were unprepared for the unexpected and ended up with so much debt from medical expenses that you’re struggling to get by. Whatever the case may be, you have […]

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