Why Women Should Start Asking For a Pay Rise

Why Women Should Start Asking For a Pay Rise

It’s no secret women are hard done by compared to men, when it comes to the average salary.

Author and social commentator Jamila Rizvi said closing the nation’s gender pay gap — which has sat between 15 and 19 per cent for decades — required women to fight their fears and be well-prepared to negotiate.

Women tend to be particularly anxious about asking for more money.

It seems to be about this fear that people think you are greedy or not a very nice person.

The data tells us men are much better at asking for money for themselves. Women are excellent negotiators on behalf of their company or someone else, just not themselves.

The stats are not surprising when two-thirds of men are asking for more money, compared with just 10 per cent of women.

Ms Rizvi said requests should be made based on skills rather than financial needs

So often I have experienced that people will ask on a whim. It shouldn’t be a last-minute decision — you almost want your manager expecting you to ask. Have a really strong case to make.

Ms Rizvi, who recently published her new book Not Just Lucky, said women should stand back and objectively assess their situation, and time their request with precision by thinking about their boss’s other demands, the business’s cash flow, when budgets were set, when bosses were stressed, and their own recent performance.

I’ve seen employees literally get the shakes when asking for a pay rise. I have also been the employee with the shakes.

Threats to quit or walk away put the employer in a binary position where they must either meet your demand or not. If they decide not to, then you either have to walk away or look really, really, really silly.”

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